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Bharatanatyam costume is mainly of two styles - the skirt style and the pyjama style. Ekatva brings Bharatanatyam dance costumes online where you can order it through our website. Bharatanatyam dress are designed and stitched by our tailors on demand and we deliver these dress all over the world. We do sell the costumes for kids and adults and the stitching time varies based on the customisation request.Please contact us through WhatsApp or Email to buy custom made dance dress.

Bharatanatyam dress stitching is done by stitching embroidery with different religious motifs and designs. The dress colour used for Bharatanatyam is generally very bright and attractive. The border of these costumes are prepared with various pieces of saree and stitches it with various patterns to decorate the dancer’s form. The pleats in Bharatanatyam costumes open beautifully when the dancer forms a particular posture especially half sitting and full sitting.

To order Bharatanatyam costume online, please chat with us on WhatsApp and our customer care will assist you with design, measurement and price.We do ship the dress all over the world. Delivery time varies based on the country.

Please contact us through Whatsapp for order and shipping.

Bharatanatyam Dress - Our Custom-made Collection

We do custom tailoring for Bharatanatyam dress.

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About Ekatva

Ekatva Collections brings to you a unique selection of traditional Kerala handloom,dance costumes and ethnic products to our patrons. Kerala traditional wear has always had a special place in the hearts of fashion conscious Indian women and men.

Our weavers design the most elegant clothes with an emphasis on the texture, thread and weave. Ekatva products are weaved from the traditional cotton weaver's Kuthampully village located in Thiruvilwamala Grama Panchayat of Thrissur district of Kerala. Traditional handloom is part and parcel of the village life in Kuthampully in Thrissur district. The forefathers of Kuthampully came from Mysore about 500 years ago, to weave clothes for the erstwhile dynasty of Cochin and they never returned to their native place. They followed the traditional path in the early days and the different kinds of attires they created, like the kasavu double dhoti, veshti and set mundu became popular. Later on, embroidery techniques were deftly applied on traditional Kuthampully sarees to produce designer ones. We design designers saree also as per request which is unique to the occasion and with all contemporary and modern style.